Production Supervision

Planning Control

To make sure the required timing is met at the end, we connect a client’s timing requirement to a vendor’s manufacturing and planning schedule. Then, a milestone measurement process has to be followed at each manufacturing process, PDCA the routine, to prevent any last minutes off tracks. 

Execute SOP

Following a defined SOP is key to ensure smooth manufacturing, and to avoid any delay or quality issues. This means the manufacturing is driven by a set of instructions compiled by the vendor’s organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. SOP can also help a vendor to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.  

Status Control

Involves timely inspection checks at a vendor’s place to understand exactly where they really are in the process. If necessary, corrective actions will be put in place until the ongoing projects are back on track.

Quality Control

First of all, and to keep everything transparent, the “quality” definition has to be well communicated and understood between client, us and vendors to avoid misunderstandings. Second, the quality control starts from the control of technical drawings. Ensuring the accuracy of the technical drawing is a very crucial step at the beginning because if any technical drawing has mistakes, products can be wrongly manufactured. Afterwards, a field quality check will be executed during each manufacturing step — such as Incoming QC, In Processing QC and Final QC. Last, but not least, we will also check the container loading until the seal is put on the container door.

Third Party Testing 

This is a proven and additional way to control quality, when eye and experience judgments are not enough. So, we send the products to be tested at a proven, third party lab; for example, SGS is our preferred choice.

Ensure Timing

At the end of all the hard work, products will be delivered on time. Guaranteed.

Manage Flexibility

This is an added value we provide to our clients from the service standpoint, when clients need support for their low volume, high mix or high variety, high mix products.