TransAsia is a results-oriented supply chain management company headquartered in Dongguan, south China. To better compete in an increasingly inter-connected world and a global market, companies are happily discovering that they can now rely on effective supply chain management, like TransAsia. 

We offer innovative and value-added supply chain solutions that are best tailored to each customer’s needs. For example, for mid-market companies that are buying from China and that don’t have their China organization, that’s where we can fit in as a strategic local partner. Our function in the chain is to help those companies manage their China operations such as sourcing, production, and quality control, as end result reduce costs, assure quality and increase productivity. This also allows our customers to spend their resources to focus on core competencies.

For the companies that are selling to China and that don’t have their China organization, we can import your products, manage warehousing and logistics, and then distribute in China market. 

Our purpose is to add value to the global supply chain by horizontal integration and let you the client use your invaluable resources to focus on core capabilities and expertise, and do what you are best at.

With you the customer in mind, TransAsia is always transparent. Transparency means that when we work for clients as a service company, we give you the complete story — whether from quality or from delivery timing standpoint. By being honest and open in our communications, we can provide solutions to client concerns whenever an issue comes up.

TransAsia SCM is here for you as your business service partner in China.  We can be paid as a commission-based agent, or as a trader. The choice is yours.

Corporate Culture

Smart companies today, that have a strategy not do everything in-house, are realizing the proven value and key role of a SCM in a progressively interconnected world. But when looking for a key partner in your supply chain, it also makes good business sense to consider the corporate culture of the company that you’re about to work with. Look at TransAsia’s culture.

Company Vision

To be a supply chain management company 

that is respected by clients, 

loved by employees,

recognized by society 

Company Mission

Provide the best value to clients while 

maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

Core Value

Transparent  ·  Cooperation  ·  Win-Win

We offer cooperation and a win-win relationship but at the center of our culture is our “transparency” across the board. 

A lot of companies can talk about transparency, but few really embrace it. But for us, transparency means no hidden issues for clients. 

From the supply chain standpoint, it also means that you, the client, know where the products are made,
as well as the general condition of manufacturing facilities. 

Internally, within our own SCM organization, 
we hold transparency as a vital company value — everyone talks truth and facts.