Sourcing & Procurement Execution

Material & Vendor Sourcing

With 15 years of proven sourcing experience in the field, our sourcing footprints are not only in South and North China, but also in South-East Asian countries. If you choose us to manage your manufacturing, our diverse network of manufacturing resources includes all different styles of high-quality factories, from small and medium to world-class facilities. 

Research & Development

This is one of the core services that we can support our clients with, when you don’t have your organization, day-to-day, in China. For example, start from a piece of design script or a piece of material sample, we will then take the lead and manage the R&D process all the way to a qualified sample. During the whole process, we will hold the communication lead, between client and vendors, and make sure the design concept is well understood. Then we will work with vendors with respect to delivery time, until a qualified sample is put on the courier plane to you.

Qualifications & Compliance

Clients care where their products are made. So, do we. 

 From a sustainability standpoint, we also don’t want any products made that harm any individuals or negatively impact our precious environment. This requires us to be hyper-responsible, and not only to seek out existing vendors that maintain good qualifications, but also to continuously work with vendors to make them responsible and better overall. 

Our diligence in making vendors better can start from a washroom inspection, all the way to ensuring workers have equitable compensation, and also quality living and working conditions. 

Of course, the certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SA8000 and TS16949 all count. But the actual facility and working process in the vendor’s place also must be meaningfully inspected, improved and taken care of.

Procurement & Integration

In an ideal scenario, we act like a client’s supportive and corporate agent in China, or similar to a Third Party Office. There are basically two ways to manage the procurement: first, clients can place orders directly to vendors and we make the overall supervision; or alternately, we can also deal with vendors for the procurement terms, starting from ordering all the way to payment. 

Intellectual Property Protection 

We have a corporate attorney firm to stay behind legal issues. First off, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed when we deal with a new client. Additionally, an NDA must be signed when we discuss a project with the relevant vendor. Also, we will clean up the leftovers at the vendor’s place when the project is finished. And, lastly, an NDA will also be signed with our employees to avoid intellectual property leaks from our side.