Logistics & Distribution

Packing & Labeling

This is an essential service we can provide in our warehouse. Sometimes, products need to be packed or repacked with different sizes of boxes. Or other times, stickers have to be put on, according to the national customs regulation. As well, from a logistics standpoint, a barcode may need to be put on. We can handle all of those needs.


It doesn’t matter whether import or export, there will be times that products don’t leave right away, which makes warehousing both crucial and necessary in the supply chain management business. So, we have our regional distribution centers, with different setups and conditions, located in both South and North China.

Inventory Management

We maintain clean and clear inventory logs, according to FIFO regulations. We will also do random inventory counting on a monthly basis and do full counting on a half-year basis.

Replenishment & Return Management

This is according to the safety stock level as well as the number of returns from customers. Then the system will automatically remind that the related product has to be reordered.


Distribution is a major part of being in the supply chain management. We distribute products to customers who might be a retailer, who might be another manufacturing site that is waiting for the cargo to move forward next production. Our value is to feed them at the right place, right time, at right quality and quantity.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

With access to key market data and when considering product replenishment and returns, we proactively take ordering and reordering actions to fulfill the inventory before the market faces a low inventory issue.