Hawley Lambert and SCM Logistics participate in Turning Wheels for Kids 2017

At ITS Logistics, we take great pride in helping people and companies move their products across the country with great service and efficiency. We get to move some pretty cool things from time-to-time, but during this holiday season—this one really stands out. We’ll let our customer, Hawley Lambert, take it from here:


“Hawley is working in conjunction with a great organization called Turning Wheels for Kids. They work with other companies, corporations, professional sports teams and individuals to purchase bikes and donate them to the kids in the bay area communities. They host corporate builds throughout the year and then every December, they host an annual bike build. Organizations have teams of volunteers they send to these events to build the bikes. Last week was the Big Bike Build for 2017 over at the San Jose Convention Center. The city provides the space and parking at no charge. Hawley had an opportunity to provide half of the 2,500 bikes for the event and we also sent 11 employees over to the event to help build the bikes as well. This amounted to three 53’ trucks that I arranged through Josh. They had to ship on Thursday for a Friday delivery window between noon and 14:00. As it turned out, there were many challenges getting the drivers and trucks here in time on Thursday due to high freight demand in the area caused by Cyber Monday. As you can imagine, there was high visibility on this shipment due to over 800 volunteers, yearlong planning, contributions and press coverage of the event!


Josh and the ITS team stepped up and made sure the drivers arrived to pick up the bikes in time and made sure they delivered on time as well. TWFK has been doing this event for 15 years now and they said this was the first time the bikes arrived without issue and all three trucks arrived at the same time. Cisco provided over 100 volunteers to unload the bikes by hand during the two hour window and having all the trucks there at the same time was very helpful!


I want you to know that the ITS team helped impact the lives of 2,500 kids this Christmas! I have a purpose I have given our team here and that is to “Change our Communities One Order at a Time” through the cycling industry.  I want to say thank you for helping us do this on a very large scale this year! Our communities are a little better today by all of us working together for such a great cause.”


Mr. Lynn McGee, Operations Director at Hawley Lambert North America.


A local company is in partnership with an onlin.

e store that has some of the most curious and creative stuff on the web. Inside the massive ITS Logistics warehouse in Sparks, there’s a hub for the weird and the wonderful. “It solves a problem you didn’t know you had until you’ve found what we sell,” said Lee Griffin, Senior Manager of Operations at Uncommongoods.

For instance, say someone wants a cold beer after bringing home a warm six pack, or a special tray to help shell pistachios, Uncommongoods has the solutions! Uncommongoods is headquartered out of Brooklyn, New York, and ships their unique goods for people on the west coast through ITS Logistics. “We can hit seven west coast states in a day or two,” said Ryan Martin, President of Distribution at ITS Logistics. “Which makes it very advantageous for east coast based companies to have a west coast hub.”

ITS Logistics has been jumping into the e-commerce distribution industry and is looking to partner with similar online businesses. “A lot of retailers and e-commerce providers are moving to Reno because this is a great distribution hub,” said Martin. Uncommongoods has their biggest day on Cyber Monday. “Cyber Monday is 30 times the average day during the year,” said Martin.


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